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The second album called "Sketches of Green" by the pianist, composer Bilge Günaydın is out now on all digital platforms!

“Sketches of Green” is now available on all digital platforms with a release date of April 22, 2022, to coincide with the celebration of Earth Day. This album featuring guitarist Cenk Erdoğan and double-bass player Ozan Musluoğlu offers a dynamic and unique musical journey to listeners with its distinctive trio instrumentation and warm musical interaction.“Sketches of Green” is the release of Drom Music Label with global distribution through Innsbruck Records, Sony / Orchard.

"-The main reason is the evocative pulling-power of Bilge's compositions. They charm the listener with quirky harmonic turns, melodic imagination and variety in the arrangements."

Francesco Martinelli - All About Jazz

"Turkish pianist, keyboard player, composer and arranger Bilge Günaydın showcases her talents on Daydreams, her debut release. It's an impressive first outing for the young musician—stylistically wide-ranging, moving from laid-back melody to drama and mystery, and beautifully performed by the musicians."

Bruce Lindsay - All About Jazz

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