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Daydreams” is the first album of turkish pianist and composer Bilge Günaydın. There are eight pieces that were composed, arranged and produced by Bilge Günaydın in this album that was released by turkish label Ada Music in all digital platforms and as CD format. Also, it's released by Japanese label Inpartmaint in Japan as well. Many valuable musicians played in these pieces which were built with powerful lyrical melodies and arrangement games between two saxophones in a basic understanding of quintet music. Serhan Erkol and Tamer Temel on saxes, Bilge Günaydın on piano and synths, Kağan Yıldız and Apostolos Sideris on contrabass and Berke Özgümüş on drums are the main group of this album. Cenk Erdoğan played fretless guitar in “Üvercinka” that was dedicated to the poem named "Üvercinka" of turkish poet Cemal Süreya. Also, he played in the “Istanbulin Cats” that was dedicated to the musicians who played in this album. Other guest of the album was Esra Kayıkçı with her voice in the piece named Snow. The album was mixed by Sinan Sakızlı and mastered by Dave Darlington who is a grammy award winning sound engineer. According to pianist, composition is an individual field that consists of her dreams. Bilge Günaydın is bringing her own world that she distinguished from the daily life and the audience together in her debut album “Daydreams”.


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